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Welcome to DistanceHiker.com, formally known as BookMyTrail.com. 

What is Distance Hiker?

Distance Hiker is a place where you can plan and prepare for long distance hiking in the United Kingdom. We flatten the learning curve for novice hikers, while providing experienced hikers a place to plan their next long distance trail. 

DistanceHiker.com is dedicated to helping you prepare for your next long distance walk. Whether you need to find some route information on a particular trail, or an itinerary, the chances are we can help you.

We frequently produce content on long distance trails, based on what is helpful to you. New trails and itineraries are added each month, with supporting content to help you plan and prepare for your hike. 

DistanceHiker.com is a place where we celebrate the wonderful long distance trails in the United Kingdom. We several lifetimes of walking trails in varied terrain. Each trail has its own story, history and biodiversity which make it unique. We aim to share much of this with you. 

DistanceHiker.com also proudly has a community of long distance hikers from the UK and around the world. To join our community sign up to our Facebook Group. 

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