Our Story

Distance Hiker was established early 2021 in an effort to pull together a close knit, and supportive community of individuals who share a love of walking long distance trails in the United Kingdom.

Long Distance Hiking has continued to grow in popularity, especially over the past 5-10 years with a younger cohort of hikers who are looking for challenges beyond day hikes, and our aim it support an open and inclusive online space for our members.

Our mission is to encourage, inspire and advocate for long distance walkers regardless of age, gender, race, or sexuality. We aim to achieve this through digital channels, such as providing a growing repository of information on our website, podcasts, our popular Facebook group, and eventually events and videos.

“I selfishly wanted to be part of a community of long distance hikers, mainly out of my own curiosity. I could see a huge and extremely supportive thru hiker community in the USA and thought, why don’t we have this? I launched our Facebook Group, and over a year later we had blossomed into a very active, and kind community focused on Long Distance Hiking. I couldn’t be more proud of everyone involved”

Matthew Usherwood – Founder

Our Work

Distance Hiker is an online community that uses the internet in a safe and positive way to connect us together.

We have a busy and vibrant Facebook Group, Facebook Page. The podcast and Instagram account. As we grow and evolve we aim to bring events, videos, and eventually a quarterly magazine to our members.

Our Community

By watching and listening, we have learned that our members all have stories to tell, and long distance hiking is often a huge, and integral part of the story. Often, hiking is the vessel by which people overcome adversity, improve their lives, and become happier individuals.

We aim to tell stories of long distance hiking through our website

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