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How to get a great night’s sleep when camping

There was a time when I slept great under canvas.

I actually preferred my camping mattress to my one at home.

The issue I’m now having is that I’m 10 years older, and my old mattress was rubbish. My new one is fabulous, and sadly I no longer find camping comfortable.

This is a shame, as I always put the great night’s sleep I experienced outdoors to the fresh air. Yet this no longer seems to be the case.

Since I was stuck, I reached out to our community for some advice

And as always, I was not disappointed:

Cut the light and noise

Daniel suggested using ear plug, and an eye mask to cut out any noise, and early sunlight. Those who subscribe to sticking with their circadian rhythm probably won’t appreciate this, but for light sleepers this method is essential. Ear plugs stop mid-night wake ups when the wind picks up, or the foxes start howling close to your tent, while the eye mask extends your sleep time.

Get a great sleeping bag

A few members recommended getting a great sleeping bag. Why? Because expensive sleeping bags can often be more comfortable to a) Carry (because they are lighter), and b) Have softer fabrics. A great quality sleeping bag, particularly a down filled bag will feel great to sleep in. It’s also likely to keep you at the right temperature throughout the night, which in turn will ensure you have a fabulous nights sleep.

Hammock Camping

I’ve had my best night’s sleep in a hammock. For the purpose of my good nights sleeping while camping i’ve recently got my hands on a new hammock, which I am due to try out soon.

Sleeping in a hammock puts your body in a very natural position, which is great for back pain. They are also fast to pitch, and relaxing. In addition, you get great protection from rainwater and insects, and no condensation due to the open nature of the setup.

The downside is the pitching possibilities. Obviously, hammock camping isn’t going to work so well on open moorland or mountain routes with limited tree cover.


Ok, so Beer/alchol isn’t actually proven to increase your sleep quality. Yes, it acts as a mild sedative so may help to kock you out, but your overall sleep quality will be reduced due to your body metabolising the alcohol. This can also lead to excessive daytime sleepyness and other issues.

Still, a beer or two before bed can’t hurt to much can it?

A good inflatable pillow

Pillows are not just there to make your bed look pretty

Pillows are a great tool to keep your head aligned with the neck and backbone during sleep, in which aids better sleep quality. SLeeping without a pillow leaves your head unsupported, and therefore leads to a bad night sleep.

Consider investing in a pillow for a better nights sleep

Read a good book

Reading a book before bed may be just what you need to drift off. The consistent movement of eye muscles while reading naturally makes you sleepy. However, avoid reading on your phone, as the blue light will have a counter effect and cause you to stay awake for longer.

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