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Your Essential Dog Packing List For Hiking

When taking your best-friend-furry companion on a hiking trail, it’s important to pack everything your pooch will need to stay safe and comfortable.

From essentials like food and water, to necessary gear like a dog leash and harness, this packing list will make sure that you and your dog have a fantastic stress free hike. Make sure to tailor the list to your dogs specific needs and of course the trail you choose. Remember to always bring more water than you think you’ll need for both you and your dog and a first aid kit for your dog is always a good idea. With this list, you’ll be prepared for any adventure with your dog by your side.

5 Essentials to Pack for a Hike with Your Dog

Food and Water: It’s crucial to bring enough food and water for your dog to last the entire hike, as well as a little extra for emergencies. Pack enough food for the entire hike in an airtight container and bring enough water to last the hike and a little extra. Bring water bowls for your dog to drink from, which are lightweight and easy to carry. After all you don’t want your dog staring at you with nothing to eat while you tuck into your lunch.

Leash and Collar or Harness: A leash is essential when hiking with your dog to keep them close to you and safe from any hazards on the trail. Make sure you choose a leash that is appropriate for the type of trail you’ll be on, such as a shorter leash for crowded areas, or a long leash for more open trails and to allow your dog to explore a little. Personally we recommend a harness, which is useful when picking up your dog (depending on size) to help them over obstacles. make sure it is properly fitted and has your contact information, name, and phone number on it.

First Aid Kit: It’s important to have a first-aid kit for your dog in case of any emergencies. The kit should include basic items like bandages, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, and tick removal tool. If your dog has any pre-existing conditions or on medications, make sure you pack these as well. Additionally, make sure you are familiar with basic first aid techniques, such as how to stop bleeding, and how to treat common injuries like snakebites or sprains.

Waste Bags and Hand Sanitizer: It’s helpful to bring enough waste bags to clean up after your pooch on the trail. Not only is it a good practice to keep the trail clean, but it also prevents the spread of disease. AKA, don’t be that person who flicks it off the trail with a stick. Think of the parents who have to scrape your dog poop off their kids shoes. Bring extra bags to be safe. Additionally, you should also bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you, so you can clean your hands after picking up your dog’s s**t.

Dog-specific gear: Depending on the trail and your dog, you may need specialized gear like booties to protect their paws from rough terrain, a coat to keep them warm in cold weather especially on exposed and elevated terrain. You may also want a dog pack to carry extra supplies but this depends on the size of your dog. Make sure to research and consider what gear is necessary for your specific trail and dog before you depart and choose gear that does the job properly. If you are hiking on rocky terrain or in the snow, dog booties can provide added protection for your dog’s paws. If you’re heading out for an overnight hike or a longer hike, a dog pack is a great option for carrying food, water.

Hiking with dogs can be a fun and enjoyable experience for both you and your best companion. However, it’s important to properly prepare and pack for the hike to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for your dog. Some essential items to include on your packing list are a leash, collar, first aid kit, plenty of water and food, and a portable bowl. It’s also important to bring any necessary medication or specific gear for your dog, such as a jacket or booties. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that both you and your dog have an enjoyable and safe hiking experience.

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