The #1 Guide To The Coast to Coast Baggage Transfer

The #1 Guide To The Coast to Coast Baggage Transfer The Coast to Coast Baggage Transfer article we have put together below is aimed at helping you choose between the various business who offer their services on the popular Coast to Coast trail stretching 190 miles from St Bees to Robin Hoods Bay. To find […]

10 Long Distance Hiking Trails In the North Of England

The North of England, whose physical boundary is much debated, depending on how ‘North’ you reside. Regardless, Northern England beautiful part of the country, which so much to offer those traveling on foot. For the purpose of this guide, we are looking at routes from the Peak District to the Scottish Border. The countryside in […]

Must-Have Advice, Tips, and Info for First Time Long Distance Hikers

Walking your first long distance trail? The only thing that can match the thrill of your upcoming adventure is the feeling of overwhelm which comes with attempting to plan and prepare for your trip. From how to get to the start of the route, and what to take, to what to expect on the way, […]

Money-Saving Tips For Your Long Distance Hike!

I have spent a lot of time thinking about putting together the ultimate money-saving long-distance hiking resource for everyone who wants to hike the UK. The Ultimate Money-Saving Long Distance Hiking Guide is my attempt to put all of my knowledge into one place and make it easy for other hikers to do their research […]

How To Hike With A Baby

Although my quality days on the hill are limited at the moment and have been for the past couple of years, my experience of hiking with family in tow is growing.Sure, hiking with the limitations of kids can be frustrating. However in other respects, it makes you think a whole lot differently about your level […]

The Difference Between Hiking and Walking

What is the Difference Between Hiking and Walking? I’m going to come clean with you. On Distance Hiker you will hear both the words ‘Hiking’ and ‘Walking’ used. In this article we look honestly at the difference between Hiking and Walking with the aim to clear up any confusion. I’m really sorry if this causes […]

The Long Distance Walkers Association

The Long Distance Walkers Association History If you are reading this article, and enjoying the excellent content on its very likely that you have heard of the Long Distance Walkers Association or LDWA for short. The Long Distance Walkers Association is based in Britain and aim to “further the common interests of those who enjoy Long Distance Walking”. […]