The #1 Guide To The Great Glen Way Baggage Transfer

Our Great Glen Way Baggage Transfer guide is aimed at helping you choose between the various business who offer their services on The Great Glen Way. We hope you are able to make an informed choice based on the information in this article. Please never hesitate to put any questions in the comments or email […]

The Number One Guide to Great Glen Way Walking Holidays

Cover Photo Credit: Stephen D. Strowes 73 miles, following the Great Glen fault line, walking alongside loch shore paths, canal towpaths and forest, to reach the capital of the Highlands – Inverness. All the while sampling the best of Scotland – from its famous scenery, a few distilleries, excellent food, and accommodation and of course, […]

The Official Distance Hiker Great Glen Way Accommodation Guide

If there’s one thing which I feel sets UK long distance trails apart from their European, and North American counterparts, it’s the accommodation options available. Our condensed, yet well-populated island probably helps somewhat, as does the foot traffic attracted to the trails from long distance hikers, like you and me. After all, if you want […]

How long does it take to walk the Great Glen Way?

The Great Glen Way is one of Scotlands Great trails, stretching 74 miles from Fort William to Inverness. The route passes through some magnificent Scottish Highland scenery while staying lower than many routes. Many miles are taken up walking adjacent to Loch Lochy, Loch Oich, and the famous Loch Ness. The walk should be achievable […]