West Highland Way Walk With Melanie

UK Long Distance Hiking is a wonderful community of like minded hikers. Every member has a story to tell regardless of how many trails they have hiked (or plan to hike) and I’m in a remarkably privileged position to see and approve every member who has joined the group. Also, with such a wealth of […]

Walking the West Highland Way In 9 Days

Planning a 9 day hike along the West Highland Way is quite an adventure. In order to help you prepare I’ve written a 9 Day Itinerary for the route if you are planning to hike it in sections or as a single journey.

The Best Time Of Year To Walk West Highland Way

The West Highland Way is a 96 (154 Km) mile Scottish National Trail.  The Trail takes walkers from Milingavie to Fort William, taking in an excellent variety of scenery, from moorland, open park, lochs, and tough mountain terrain.  Most walkers complete the route from South to North, finishing in Fort William, with the chance to […]

How long does it take to walk the West Highland Way?

The West Highland Way is one of Britains finest Backpacking treks, beginning just outside the beautiful city of Glasgow and finishing at the easy going seaside town of Fort William. The entire walk should be achievable in about a week providing that you are walking at a leisurely pace and are acclimatized to any other […]