Episode 5: 120 Marathons, in 120 Days With Graham Wilson


Long-distance walking is a very personal, and intimate experience. But aside from its obvious benefits (time alone, time to recharge, exploring new places, being out in nature), many walkers opt to raise money while long-distance walking. Sponsored walks are not uncommon, and for individuals, or groups or people wanting to raise money for charities close to their hearts, there are a number of options and ways to do it.

But fundraising is difficult, and with most of us coming across various fundraising events, and requests, we can become a bit numb to it, and often it’s hard to choose who to donate to.

I know, I’ve been there before. Graham Wilson however, from 120 Marathon Man is a rather spectacular fundraising machine. Graham, a retired Police Officer, is walking 120 marathons in as many days, supported only by his wife, and pooch in a campervan who will be waiting for him at the end of each day. However, Graham is walking to raise money for a fairly extensive list of charities and has a very impressive list of sponsors lined up.

If you are doing a sponsored walk, then this is an episode to listen to, as it really helps to show the kind of hard work which goes into awareness, and subsequently sponsors even before you have set foot on the trail. It’s a really practical episode, which I hope will be of help to you, and an interesting listen. Enjoy the show!

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