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The #1 Guide To The Hadrian’s Wall Baggage Transfer

The #1 Guide To The Coast to Coast Baggage Transfer

The Coast to Coast Baggage Transfer article we have put together below is aimed at helping you choose between the various business who offer their services on the popular Coast to Coast trail stretching 190 miles from St Bees to Robin Hoods Bay. To find out more information on the Coast to Coast visit our walk page here

Many popular long distance trails in the United Kingdom are now supported with Baggage transfer, which opens the trails up to individuals of all abilities, rather than hardened backpackers or lightpackers.

With any of our articles, we encourage you to contact the companies we suggest to see which works for you.

Ok! Here are our pick of Coast to Coast baggage transfer companies.

Sherpa Van

Sherpa Van provide luggage transfer services on a number of long distance walks, either as part of their excellent accommodation booking services, or as a stand-alone service.

Sherpa Van offer an online booking element to their business making it particularly easy to make arrangements without having to pick up a phone, or to-and-fro with emails. The online system does require some tedious inputting of details in order to share your accommodation information for each day of bag movements required. However you have the assurances of booking with a well regarded business who employ local drivers to move your bags.

The terms of their Coast to Coast Baggage Transfer are as follows:

£9.45 per bag per movement
A minimum of £25 per booking
A minimum 1 bag for walks duration with a maximum of 20 kg per bag
A £25 non-refundable deposit is payable at checkout
If you only need 1 – 2 moves please contact the office for pricing

Coast to Coast Packhorse

A fitting name, for a business who specialise in moving bags. If you are looking for a luggage transfer business who know the trail well, and can provide an unparralelled service on the Coast to Coast walk then look no further than the Coast to Coast Packhorse. 

Of course packhorses would be a slow way of moving bags, and likely the prices would be higher. So instead your bags are moved by able bodied drivers and their trusty vans. 

In addition to providing baggage transfer, Coast to Coast Packhorse also offer the following:

Passanger Transfers, Car Parking, guided and self-guided cycle tour packages (including GPS and bike hire), running tours, again both self guided, and guided and of course walking packages. 

The terms of their Coast to Coast Baggage Transfer are as follows (copied from their website).

Excellent working relationship will all accommodation hosts
Regular as clockwork and fully reliable
Tags and labels sent out to you in advance
Excess baggage storage and delivery to final destination
Prices for walkers from £10.00 per move OR £140 for up to 16 moves (whichever is lower)
If booking less than 24 hours before first transfer – £11.00 per move

Lake District Baggage Transfer

Lake District Baggage transfer are a new business, started in Late 2020. We did a piece about them here.

They offer baggage transfer on a number of routes, including the Cumbria Way, Cumberland Way, Eden Way, and all versions (cycling, walking & running) of the Coast to Coast walk.

The terms of their Coast to Coast Baggage Transfer are as follows.

Prices from £24.00 (£12.00 per bag)
Maximum transfer distance per bag, per day is 30 miles
Bookings made within 24 hours of pick up are subject to a 10% surcharge
Maximum weight per bag is 20kg

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