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10 Incredible Long Distance Hikers Who Make Our Community Special


Long-distance hiking has taken off big time in the past couple of years.

It’s gone from being a fringe activity, done by a few super keen hikers, to now becoming something for all ages and abilities to enjoy.

I’m proud to be a part of our special long-distance hiking community.

Why? Because I see more positivity than negativity and a lot of kindness and support.

For example, I started a Facebook Group, which has become an incredible community of kind and helpful people.

This is what happens when people rally around something positive. Something which unites us.

If you are on the fence about whether long-distance hiking is something you want to get into, let me help you out.

Below, are 20 influencers within our community who will set your imagination on fire.

Ok, let’s go.

Kyle Lintern – Impala On the Trail

Kyle, known in our community by his US-given trail name Impala lives for long-distance hiking.

His tick list of trails is impressive. Get yourself over to his YouTube channel to see some of his videos from the trail.

Impala has thousands of miles underfoot.

10’s of Thousands actually. And he is a source of knowledge for all things ultralightweight and his enthusiasm for long-distance hiking is infectious and radiant.

You can check our Impala on Youtube and Instagram for some high-energy long-distance hiking entertainment.

Julia Sheehan – Rocket

I love honest people.

Do you know who I mean? The kind of person who bears all. Exposes their humanity. Shares their ups, downs, highs lows, and everything in-between.

Julia Sheehan, known as Rocket on the trail is just this. Honest.

She has walked the Continental Divide Trail, the Appalachian Trail, and plenty more. Go follow Julia on Instagram, Youtube, and visit her blog. You won’t be disappointed.

Max and Tom – It Takes A Journey

Max and Tom are a Long Distance Hiking and van life power couple.

They have a load of long distance hikes under their belt, and somehow find time to knock up a beautiful van conversion that is taking them to all corners of the UK. 

They are also huge advocates for Mental Health, which is certainly a positive theme that runs through all of the long distance hikers on this page.

What is beautiful about Max and Tom, is how they also openly discuss Max’s disability, and the struggles she has experienced, yet how it also has not held her back from doing and achieving the things she wants. 

A remarkable couple, sharing an important message who is worth your attention and can be followed in Instagram and Youtube.

Russell Hepton – The Trail Hunter

Russell Hepton is a talented product designer, YouTuber, and long distance hiker.

His YouTube channel has a long list of long distance trails he has completed, along with a load of gear reviews and other videos with tips and tricks for long distance hikers.

Russell has also launched the rather excellent Thrunotes.

Remember Field Notes that were used in every lay flat adventure shot a few years back?

Yea, you know the ones. Those expensive notebooks were just a notebook and not all that good in the field.

Well, Russell has taken that idea and turned it into a durable highly water and tear-resistant long distance hiking notebook which is actually pretty darn good.

You can follow Russell on Instagram and YouTube.

Mike Scott – Pack Backer

Mike Scott is a long distance hiker, wild camper, and involved father.

He is regularly found out and about exploring with his young son Elyas. In addition, Mike also finds time to study environmental Sciences at the University of Hull while still managing to fit in long distance hikes!

To date, mike has walked many long distance trails. Most recently the Eskdale Way, the Coast to Coast Walk and the Pennine Way.

Mike is also one of our new Trail Bloggers! You can follow Mike on Instagram.

Abbie Barnes

Some years ago now Abbie appeared on the scene as a young woman (19 at the time) who was walking all the National Trails and vlogging about her journey on youtube. 

Abbie is now an accomplished filmmaker, and actively raises awareness for mental health and access to the outdoors.

She has a great and loyal following and has consistently since engaged in outdoor adventures which have inspired countless others to get outside more. 

Abbie probably needs no introduction, but if she does, you can find her on YouTube and Instagram.

Gail Muller

Gail Muller has a beautiful story of hope lost and found through her journey due to a muscular-skeletal issue she was told would condemn her to a wheelchair at 40. Gail chose not to be defined by this.

Gail has overcome these challenges and lives a highly adventurous life of long distance hiking and travel which is evident from her interesting and insightful instagram account.

You can get to know Gail on Instagram and through her personal website.

Kerry Maskell – Drunk On Wanderlust

Before Covid Kerry didn’t enjoy traveling in the UK, preferring to venture further afield for travel in far-flung corners of the world. However, lockdown forced her to look closer to home for travel.

Long distance hiking jumped out as a good alternative and Kerry hasn’t looked back.

Since Kerry has hiked the Snowdonia Way, The Great Glen Way, the Cumbria Way, and the Cleveland Way.

Kerry’s YouTube and Instagram feed are high-energy, yet down-to-earth and realistic and enjoyable accounts of her adventures.

Camille Mateos – Cam Hikes

Camille Mateos, who vlogs under Cam Hikes is a serial long distance hiker with a tonne of hiking experience behind her.

Camille also talks at length about inclusivity within the outdoors and isn’t afraid to share causes, or issues close to her heart.

She also is a maker. Check out Cam’s Instagram for some homegrown kit inspiration, along with some great inking,

Cam can be found on Instagram and Youtube.

Ross Jackson – Gay Man Walking

Ross Jackson, AKA, Gay Man Walking is taking out the world’s long distance trails one at a time.

His channel is a ray of sunshine, with a good amount of humor to top.

I cannot do justice to the creative wonderful mind of Ross, so I’m going to direct you to his excellent extended About Me page on his own website.

You can also follow Ross on Instagram and YouTube.

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