How Difficult is the Cotswold Way

The Cotswold Way National Trail is 102 miles (163km) in total and runs from Chipping Campden to Bath.

The Trail itself is probably one of the easier National Trails, and certainly, the one with the most creature comforts on the route. Expect a LOT of fancy pubs, nice cafes and tea shops, and some very pretty towns and villages on route.

Since the path itself mostly runs through agricultural land its not really ‘remote’.

The route’s highest point is Cleeve Hill which is located on Cheltenham#s North-Eastern edge. The Views from the top are great, considering you are only about 330 meters above sea level. However, rest assured you will get great views over the Cotswold Hills.

Bringing me nicely to my next point. The Cotswold Way is a hilly walk, but not a mountainous walk. Expect some gentle ups and down’s but really nothing much It offers a great deal of interest, and some really great accommodation options if your budget stretches to B&B and hotel.

How Long Does It Take To Walk The Cotswold Way

How Long Does It Take To Walk The Cotswold Way

The Cotswold Way is an iconic National Trail, which runs through the Cotswolds AONB, starting in the Chipping Campden, and finishing in Bath. The Cotswold Way is 102m or 164km in length and passes through a number of towns, hamlets and villages, each with a relatively good selection of accommodation.

The route can be completed within just a couple of days, 5 if you wish. Quicker for those who want an ultra-run but how many days should you walk the Cotswold Way in?

Well really it depends.

If you are looking for a challenge walk which suits most walkers I suggest taking about 5-6 days to tackle the path.

However for a relaxed stroll, at least for most a 9 day walk is perfect. This will allow you to take the time to enjoy everything the Cotswold Way has to offer.

Moreover, stretching the days like this allow you to make early starts, for an early finish. Some accommodations along the route are particularly suited for relaxing overnight stops and Wotton-Under-Edge for example is well worth an afternoon of your time.

For those truly wanting to take their time, a 10 day itinerary is ideal. The route will be completed in bite-sized chunks, but it will really allow you to soak up the sights and sounds, stopping where you wish, unburdened by ambition.

Which ever itinerary you choose, make sure too not feel like you need to rush. Most of my clients benefit from walking at a relaxed pace with time to soak it all in.