The Hadrian's Wall Path

The Hadrian's Wall Path Long Distance Walk

Hadrian’s Wall Path National Trail covers 84 miles (135 km) of the most stunning scenery in Cumbria and Northumberland, running from the coast at Bowness-on-Solway to Housestead’s fort on Hadrian’s Wall. The route passes through varied countryside and is often close to the wall itself, offering great views and plenty of places to take a break and enjoy the dramatic landscape.


84m / 135km


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  1. Fun all the way
    This was my 1st LDW, Sept 2018, & I enjoyed every step even the boring bit on day 1 from Bowness-on-Solway to Carlisle following the Bowness March. On this stretch you meet with Mr Roger Brought who sits in his workshop garage ‘contemplating the world’ (his words) and for any sum you care to donate he will take a photo of you against a sign post with your home town named and the distance from this location. The sign post also has other distance/name markers.

    Along the route I met, amongst others, 3 American ladies, walking East to West, aged between 74 & 82; a Canadian teenager who had, 2 days previously, completed the West Highland Way; and a PhD student in full centurion uniform completing the walk as part of his PhD. He too was walking East to West and I leave you to consider, for a moment, the sight of a Roman soldier in the distance walking towards you and the closer you became the more startling &, somewhat, unrealistic the sight was. The most amazing thing was that he was not wearing modern walking boots but the footwear of a Centurion (look it up).

    As you walk the wall its history comes to life. You cannot but be amazed at the engineering that took approx 10 years to build. The life of the wall is intensified by the various forts at Birdoswald & Vercovicium various Signal Towers & the Brocolitia Temple. The walk is also brought to life by additional monuments and buildings of later years such as the Lanerwood Priory, Drunburgh Castle & St Michael’s Church (former Aballava Fort). If history is ‘not your thing’ then the views at Cawfield Crags, Walltown Crags & Cockmount Hill etc alone are worth the walk after which there is ALWAYS a well-deserved pint, or two, to reward yourself with.

    I cannot end this review without saying a big thanks to Matt who organised it for me and sorting out problems caused by others. All I had to do is was put one foot in front of the other, smile, enjoy and marvel at what was to unfold.



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