Become a Distance Hiker Trail Blogger

Have you considered blogging about your hiking, and long distance walking adventures?

Perhaps you want to talk about a cause and get the word straight out to an audience who will hear and support you? 

You may have considered starting your own long distance hiking blog, but don’t want to bother with the technical upkeep, hosting, and faff of owning a website.

Distance Hiker is looking for passionate long distance hikers, from all backgrounds to share stories with the world through and associated media such as our Distance Hiker Podcast, Tuesday Trail Tribe newsletter, and of course ever popular Facebook Group UK Long Distance Hiking. 

It doesn’t matter which long distance trail you are walking, or how you are doing it. We want a variety of opinions, walking styes and abilities. Ultrarunners, to slow travelers are welcome on Distance

We are Long Distance Hiking For Everyone.

What we can offer you

  • Elevate your message and personal brand through our growing exposure. 
  • Exposure through instagram, our newsletter, podcast, and facebook group
  • Discount on upcoming Merch offering (due 2022)
  • Exclusive contributor events (2023)
  • An easy to use blogging platform and dedicated mini-site

Whats the catch?

We get great content and stories, and a good feeling that we are supporting you and your message. In turn you get access to a fast growing audience. We have big plans and would love to take you on that journey with us. Oh and did we mention. It’s free. No catch, no trial period. Joining our blogger network is free for life.

Want to join, but hesitant? Here are a few thoughts

I can’t join, because i’m not very good at writing

This isn’t a problem. As long as you can cross your T’s and dot your I’s then you can write well enough. If your spelling and grammar aren’t great we don’t mind as all posts are checked and edited if necessary prior to release. After all, we want to make sure the content on is great and represents both you, and us well. Think of us as your personal editor! Compelling honest account’s of your time on the trai lare a must.

I cannot join as I don’t know enough about hiking.

If you are new to hiking, this doesn’t matter. You still have a story to tell and if you want to share it, we will help you. You will be surprised how many people want to hear your story.

I would rather have my own blog

We get it, having your own blog is nice. However, by blogging with us, you still retain rights to your content, you can post and share about your experiences freely, have access to an editor while having your content shared throughout our content network!

We will also make sure each blog post is SEO optimized and reaches the biggest audience possible through its lifetime on our website. And of course, you can still have your own blog in addition to posting with us!

Why we may not be a fit

We are delighted to receive applications from individuals from all walks of life who are walking long distance trails. It doesn’t matter if you are walking your first, or 20th long distance trail, we would love to hear from you. 

There are some instances where we may not be a good fit, including:

  • Joining our programme purely to build links to your own website (although we do support your own projects, we want your reason for joining to be genuine)
  • Joining our blog to purely to promote a sponsored event and solicit money from our audience.

How to Apply

Applying is easy and takes 5 minutes. Please click the button below to proceed. Terms and Conditions are also detailed on the Application Form. 

Once your application has been approved, you will be emailed login details for your own personal mini-site.