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Walking Tours on the Dales Way

Dales Way Walking Holidays

Perhaps you are planning a long distance walk on the Dales Way but rather than wanting to book the walk yourself (using our wonderful resources available), you would like some help with your bookings. 

If you have Googled ‘Dales Way Walking Holidays’ you may find yourself struggling to compare prices as there are rather a lot of businesses offering walking tours on the route.

Now its safe to say, save from a few companies, most business offering walking tours tend to have a similar offering. This includes:

  • Accommodation, usually of the 3-4 star variety close to the trail
  • Luggage Transfer for as many walkers
  • Maps/Guides/Trail info
  • Some will also include transfers to/from the accommodations

Self-guided walking holidays

In this guide, we look at ‘Self Guided’ or ‘Self Led’ walking holidays rather than guided tours. The reason we focus on these tours, is that guided tours tend to be very niche for long distance trails in the UK. Of course, guided walking holidays are available, but for the purpose of consistency, all the walking holidays listed below are self-guided. 

A note on tour operators

Each of the tour operators listed in this article are exactly that – tour operators. It’s more important than ever that your hard earned money is well protected. 

Therefore each of the tour operators listed below are compliant with The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018.

We do recommend that you take out travel insurance. Please note, we do not announce our best pick at the bottom of the article – rather we present the necessary information to you which will help you to make an informed decision. 

Without further ado. Our Top Picks

Without further delay. Our Dales Way Walking Holiday Picks, comparing a 6 day itinerary. 7 Day Itinerary.

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