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Episode 1: A Walk Around The UK With Chris and Moose

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Show Notes

I’m always in awe of individuals, like Chris, who take on challenges, or journeys such as these. Walking the coastline of Britain is no easy feat, and comes with a remarkable amount of patience, planning, preparation. Patience comes with one’s ability to find the right time in life to do it, yet it often boils down to working out when that time comes and not passing on the opportunity.

For Chris, there was a perfect storm of circumstances that enabled him to walk the Coastline. The difference here between Chris, and so many of us is that he saw the opportunity, and took it.

Moose, a large Labrador Mastiff, accompanies Chris on his walks. You could assume that Chris is a solo walker, but I certainly think that when walking side by side with man’s best friend, you are walking with possibly the best company. However walking with a dog is now without its challenges. For starters, having a 2 man tent, with a large dog sleeping with you can be an interesting experience according to Chris. Also, there are the added challenges of thinking about water, food, and having to often stop during the heat of the day to ensure that Moose didn’t get heatstroke.

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  1. Really enjoyed this, I get into trouble the same way! Might need to upgrade the cat into a dog tho

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