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How Long Is the Hadrian’s Wall Path?

How long is the hadrian's wall path

How long is the Hadrian’s Wall Path

The Hadrian’s Wall Path is 86 miles / 138 km in length. That’s over 3 marathons worth of walking. 

Most walkers will take anywhere from 4-7 days to walk the route, and its important to walk at a pace, and duration that works for you. 

With loads to see and do on the route, its not worth rushing the walk in our opinion. If you do, you won’t get an opportunity to visit the excellent Roman forts and settlements along the way such as Birdoswald, and Housesteads which are both owned, run and maintained by English Heritage. 

However, we are aware that the Hadrian’s Wall Path is a popular choice for challenge walkers and runners who may like to tackle the route in a day or less.

If that’s you, then rest assured that you have your work cut out with the highest point being 345m above sea level, and the total elevation gain being 4003m. 

Whatever your preference for walking this 86 mile route, we wish you luck, and encourage you to visit our other articles where we try to help you with as much Hadrian’s Wall information as possible.

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