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Memorabilia For Long Distance Hiking

To most of us, long distance hiking is a hobby, and even a lifestyle. We often obsess over the next long distance hike, engulf ourselves in its community and subculture.

We also like purchases related to our favourite pastime, including, but not limited to outerwear, camping kit, maps, lots of lovely maps, and anything else which enhances our enjoyment of long distance hiking.

Souvenirs, and reminders of trips are often a wonderful way to jazz up a bookshelf and to remind ourselves of our achievements.

This short guide has been put together by searching for small businesses which make memorabilia for long distance paths. I hope you find something you like here.

Bucket List Prints

Bucket List Prints sells posters of popular locations from around the world, but has a section for National Trails and other long distance paths. The designs are commissioned, and then sold through the website and can be purchased in a variety of sizes, with or without a frame. 

If you want a stunning poster of your favorite long distance trail sat behind your sofa or bed, then look no further than bucket list prints.


Splashmaps make fabric maps, which are “waterproof, washable and wearable”. They now include a small range of long distance trail maps, such as the Cleveland Way, Thames Path, and Great Glen Way. 

Great for wearing on your head in warm weather to keep the sun and swear off, or using as a lightweight picnic blanket.


Gosshawk sells a range of hiking and biking t-shirts, and this includes long distance t-shirts. The best bit is that you can contact them for a customised design. For example if you are walking for charity, they can alter the wording, if a t-shirt isn’t in stock it can be printed up on demand.

The Adventure Patch Company

The Adventure Patch company don’t sell long distance hiking specific embroidered patches, but they do sell some for popular challenge walks, such as the  Wainwrights, Welsh 3000’s and the 3 Peaks Challenge. 

These patches are sold either individually or in small batches and need to be sewn onto a bag of your choice. Preferably cotton canvas for maximum retro-vibes.

Trails Shop

The National Trails shop has a great selection of National Trail gifts for long distance hikers from maps, guides and even my favourite – Trail Signs.

If posters, maps, t-shirts and maps were not enough for you, a trail sign may satisfy your appetite for trail souvenirs. 

Note. It’s unethical and somewhat naughty to pinch trail signs on the route. Also, somebody may notice it sticking out of your bag. You can however purchase them from here.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and found it helpful for decorating your house with memories of trails past. Please share with your hiking friends, and if you do purchase, let the companies above know what you were recommended by Happy Trails

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