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Money-Saving Tips For Your Long Distance Hike!

I have spent a lot of time thinking about putting together the ultimate money-saving long-distance hiking resource for everyone who wants to hike the UK. The Ultimate Money-Saving Long Distance Hiking Guide is my attempt to put all of my knowledge into one place and make it easy for other hikers to do their research with less effort. There are many places on the internet that cover long distance hiking in general, but I wanted this to be another tool that long distance hikers could refer back too.


1. Plan Your Travel To/From Your Destination In Advance.

If your using public transport, or even a hire car to reach the start of your trail I suggest planning and booking these services in advance. Don’t leave it until the last minute to get your bookings in, otherwise, the prices hike, especially for trains.

Travel Off-Peak

Off Peak travel is almost always cheaper. It’s quieter too, so try to plan your travel around Off-Peak Times. Off Peak in the UK is any time other than mornings (commuting hours), afternoons and weekends.

Bus Travel Is Still Cheaper

For the ultimate budget, experience travel by bus. National Express or Megabus are two reasonable options that often offer open returns to allow you to be more flexible with your arrangements.

Hitch Hike

Ok, ok not for everyone but if your really keen on saving the pennies hitch hiking may be for you.

Booking Accommodation

Book In Advance

The same rule applies to accommodation as it does for travel. Let me put it this way. If you make arrangements 4 weeks before you start walking all the cheap rooms will have gone and the price of your walking break will go up.

If however, you plan ahead the price will be a lot better since the budget rooms will still be available.

Stay In Hostels

Hostels still offer a great choice for budget-conscious travelers. Don’t be afraid to jump in a dorm room too. Often they offer an opportunity to get to know other hikers walking in the same direction and therefore a bit of company the next day. Just don’t forget to pack earbuds. There’s always a snorer ZzZzZzzzzz…

Book Out Two Nights

If public transport is adequate you will often find the rate for two nights is better than a rate for a single night, especially on weekends. Essentially B&Bs would rather you book for two nights so its always worth asking if they can offer you a better rate for an extended stay.

Book Out More Than Two Nights

Again, if you can make use of public transport why not book 3-4 nights, such as on sections of the Hadrian’s Wall Path where buses are available to take you along sections of the walk.


Airbnb isn’t quite what it used to be but some good deals can be found there. It should still be on your radar.


It’s cheaper than the rest, however, you do need to carry your kit.

Or do you… Check out Hadrian’s Haul luggage transfer services.

Saving Money On Food & Drink

Bring A Thermos Flask

Instead of stopping at each coffee shop you find bring some coffee or tea with you. That way, whenever you get a nice view you can stop for a brew.

Buy Lunch From Your Accommodation

Most B&Bs offer a packed lunch for about £5.00. It’s often far tastier and better value than the pre-packaged lunches you can buy from a Tesco express. It’s also more portable and lighter on the stomach than a heavy pub lunch.

Skip Dessert

Desserts are always the most overpriced, yet nutritionally lacking part of any evening meal. By all means enjoy eating out, but skip dessert.

Eat In

Most B&Bs will be happy for you to order in a take-away (if available in your area), or better still will cook for you. Often much cheaper than going out to the pub for an evening meal.

Visit Your Chippy

Fish and chips are always a winner and often the cheapest option

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